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Here's Spotflux in a nutshell


How can Spotflux be free?

Like in the early days of Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox, we are in the process of developing a freemium model. While everyone can profit from substantial, free protection, we will make some of these really cool new features available for purchase, once they are finished and bullet-proof.

How can I trust you?

We understand that earning your trust is not easy. We are open about our privacy policy, we don’t have any acronyms associated with our name, and we publish our street address on the front page of our website. Most importantly, ask us a question on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll do our best to respond. We believe in being open and honest, and that your trust should be earned, not expected.

Is this just another Proxy or VPN service?

No. Unlike a Proxy, Spotflux works on your entire internet connection, not just browsers or applications that need to be been manually configured to a Proxy to function. Spotflux is also easier than a traditional VPN which requires you to tinker with OS settings, input multiple server profiles, and constantly maintain these settings. Spotflux does that for you. No need to grapple with setting up a VPN.

Anything else? Contact us via Twitter for your shorter questions and we'll do our best to respond quickly. We love helping our customers, so visit our support page and we'll be happy help with any issues.