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Spotflux Lite - Fast. Secure. Anywhere.

Spotflux Lite brings the advanced security and privacy features of Spotflux in an easy to use lightweight application. It's just a one click install for a more secure, private, and encrypted connection.



Security is just a click away. Once you've installed Spotflux, you'll never notice it again if you don't want to. Let us take care of the headaches.

Encrypted & Secure Connection

Encrypted & Secure Connection

At home, traveling, or on a public WiFi – Spotflux encrypts and secures your connection, and protects your privacy while browsing.

Malware & Virus Protection

Safe Browsing Protection

Spotflux prevents you from stumbling upon known malicious sites. Upgrade to Premium to have Spotflux continuously scan and protect your connection from inbound threats, such as malware and viruses.

Remove Tracking Cookies

Enhanced Privacy for Premium

Spotflux Premium works hard to protect your privacy online, stopping cookies and trackers from following you around the web and selling off your data to the highest bidder.

Open & Unrestricted Access

Open & Unrestricted Access

We don't believe in limiting or blocking content. Access stays open and unrestricted while Spotflux is enabled, so you can roam the web, free as a bird.

Private & Ad-free Browsing Experience

Mobile Data Compression

Paid Spotflux users enjoy valuable data savings on their Mobile devices as we compress your web traffic and reducing your overall bandwidth when your browse.

Spotflux works on all devices

Spotflux Works on All Devices

Spotflux Lite

Spotflux Lite is the fastest and easiest way to enjoy Spotflux. Simply install the lightweight client, and enjoy the benefits of private browsing while having your traffic encrypted and sent through our secure cloud. Currently available on Windows 7 and later.

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Spotflux Premium for desktop and mobile

Spotflux offers a premium service with optimized apps for desktop and mobile . Installation is simple, making it easy to enjoy the advanced security, privacy, and fast speeds that only Spotflux can offer.

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