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Spotflux is a New York City based start-up devoted to putting you first on the internet. We're working hard to create tools that work to protect your privacy and security while retaining full access to information regardless of your location.

There are few companies out there that care about your privacy, especially as much as we do. At spotflux our passion is to fight this trend, and to enhance the overall internet experience for our users. We love the internet as much as you do, and believe that there should be someone looking out for you. That's our goal.

Spotflux officially launched in March 2012 at SXSW. Co-founders Chris Naegelin and Dean Mekkawy were high school friends and techies during the 1990’s when the internet was a much friendlier place. In 2011, after working in the “real world” for almost a decade, Dean and Chris decided that it was time to bring back some sanity to the internet and give people a choice when it comes to privacy online. Starting with just a few servers in Chris’s basement, spotflux was born, and the two of them set off to build a beta client that amassed over 100,000 users in just a few months. Today, spotflux is a lean venture backed startup that continues to grow at exponential rates as people seek to reclaim their privacy online.

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Team Chris Chris Co-Founder
Team Dean Dean Co-Founder
Team Fede Fede DevOps
Team Juan Juan Senior Engineer
Team Tom E Tom E Lead Developer
Team Tom E Matt Developer

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